We are an advocate for your general health, as well as an integral part of your medical team. Through continuing education, treatment and the promotion of good oral health, we will be a positive force in your life and community. We will work with diligence, compassion, and a sense of gratitude for our jobs, our patients, and each other.


Guiding Principals

At Ochoco Family Dental we are interested in your health as a whole, not just your oral health. Our goal is to consider your entire well-being when creating a dental treatment plan for you.

Dental health affects a person’s physical and emotional condition. Preventative dental care, including routine cleaning and exams, help identify issues that may arise and maintain a constant connection between you and your dentist. That connection allows us to be proactive in recognizing and treating such things as gum disease, which leads to tooth loss.

We take pride in the fact that we research new ideas and techniques, combining those with proven traditional methods and materials, creating state-of-the art dentistry.