“Are you accepting new patients?”

Yes, we are. However, we require a comprehensive exam with appropriate radiographs and records as an initial visit. If you are looking for a quick fix only and are not a patient of record with our office, we may not be the practice for you.

“Do you accept dental insurance?”

We accept all dental insurances, but we are not a “preferred provider” for all. This means you may be responsible for a larger percentage of the bill if we are not on your preferred provider list.

“What can I expect on my first visit?”

The first visit is an introductory of yourself to us and us to you. It is a mutual appreciation of life’s story in respect to oral health. We want to know why you have come to see us and what your expectations are. The exam will start with a review of medical and dental history. It will continue with an evaluation of the structures inside and outside the mouth. As appropriate, we will also clean your teeth and review plans for any necessary dental restorations.