Mobile Dental Clinics

Dental Care on Wheels

MTI Mobile Dental & The Tooth Taxi Mobile Clinics
Dr. Ramos and his staff have regularly provided free dental treatment since 2005 and are active providers with each of these organizations. This is one of the many ways they give back to Crook County and Central Oregon.

Mobile Dental Facts (

• The fleet of 11 Mobile Dental clinics in Oregon Washington and Minnesota are 38-foot converted motor homes. Each mobile clinic contains two dental operatories and all necessary equipment, instruments and supplies.

• The mobile dental program has provided more than $8.7 million in dental care services to 17,362 adults and children in Minnesota, Oregon and Washington.

• Since 1989, 211,493 adults and children have been helped through the mobile dental program.

Tooth Taxi Facts (

The Tooth Taxi is a 38' state-of-the-art dental office on wheels with two dental chairs and a full-time dentist and staff. It visits schools throughout Oregon to provide free dental care and oral health education to uninsured and underserved children.

Since the Tooth Taxi launched in late fall 2008, it has visited over 254 schools/sites all over the State of Oregon, and served over 14,000 children while delivering over $4,053,000 in donated dental services.
Community Outreach

Learning to Brush

Community Outreach
Dr. Ramos and his staff, provide oral hygiene instruction for a variety of community organizations. These include the Public Library, Crook County Kids Club, and a number of preschool/elementary school classrooms. The children are taught the importance of maintaining clean teeth, as well as the proper methods and techniques for doing so. According to Dr. Ramos, “It is always a blast interacting with the young ones. They humble us with their profound sincerity, innocence, and surprising wit. On most days, I am not sure who receives the bigger education… I'll catch up one of these times.”